Flair Bartending with Chris Cardone

Hi. I’m Chris Cardone. I’m a bartender in New York City. I’m also a flair bartender in New York City. I’ve been bartending since 1998. Sometimes it pains me to say that but that’s how long I’ve been bartending for. I’ve been flair bartending since 2000. And basically I got into the business because I wanted to make a lot of money, pick up chicks, and it kind of grew from there.

I started bartending at a really small, little Irish pub on Long Island and learned some flair bartending moves. Started competing in 2001. My first competition was the Grand Cayman Islands. I took 12th out of 25th on that one and something just clicked in 2003. Started make top ten world finishes and my best one I ever did was 5th place in the world. And basically now I train and judge and get involved in all sorts of bartending competitions and flair bartending events and things of that nature. And I also work down in the West Village at Beatrice Inn.

It’s 285 West 12th Street. You can learn more information about how to flair bartend at barflair.org, which is the FBA or the Flair Bartenders’ Association official website. You can learn how to flair and practice with a flair bottle you can buy on barproducts.com. And now I’m going to show you all you need to know how to learn flair bartend or master flair bartending.