Whiskey Guide – How to Make a Gold Rush Cocktail


This is how you make a Gold Rush. This is a shaken drink with citrus, honey, bourbon and that’s it. Very simple, very straight forward. You can make it at home. Just follow along.

For my proportions I like to do three quarters of an ounce of lemon, three quarters of an ounce honey syrup, which is honey that’s had water added to it so doesn’t stick to the inside of the tin as it gets colder. You can see it’s flowing a little bit easier than regular honey. And two ounces of bourbon. Very simple.

Add your ice and shake. Separate your tins, pull out your julep strainer, add ice, close your Hawthorn strainer and pour. Cut a lemon twist. Express the twist. And enjoy.

And that’s how you make a Gold Rush.