How to make a Scorpion Bowl – Tipsy Bartender

This is a contemporary version of a classic tropical drink created by the great Trader Vic. It’s called…THE SCORPION BOWL! This drink is loaded with alcohol: vodka, white rum, gin, dark rum, overproof rum. It’s extremely potent; however, grenadine, juices, and fruits mask the taste of the alcohol, making this beverage a very deadly concoction that will sneak up on you at any minute! This drink was designed to be consumed with friends, with everyone sipping straws from the bowl and enjoying the flames. If you love Mai Tais and other tropical drinks, you’ll love the Scorpion Bowl!


2oz (60ml) Gin
2oz (60ml) White Rum
2oz (60ml) Bacardi 151
2oz (60ml) Grenadine
2oz (60ml) Vodka
1oz (30ml) Dark Rum
6oz (240ml) Orange Juice
6oz (240ml) Pineapple Juice
1oz (30ml) Lemon Juice
Pineapple Chunks