How to Make Cocktails with Tom Macy

Hi, I’m Tom Macy. I bar tend at the Clover Club in Brooklyn. It’s a cocktail bar that specializes in pre-Prohibition cocktails. I’m really passionate about classic cocktails, not just because they happened a long time ago, and it’s really interesting to learn the history about them, but also because when all those classic cocktails were invented that was when everyone was using the proper techniques to really make good quality drinks with quality ingredients.

That’s something I really think we’ve lost over the last few decades and it’s only recently that there’s been some interest in getting that back. Kind of like with food, how everyone’s into locally sourced and sustainable ingredients, I really hope that people will see these videos and be inspired to take this new approach when making cocktails.

My grandparents used to have cocktail hour every day and it was a chance for them to sit back and relax and to reflect and enjoy life a little more. I think that’s something that could really be used today. I hope with these videos that maybe people will be inspired to recreate some of these classics and maybe start having cocktail hour again.

Again, this isn’t about getting drunk. It’s about having a drink between 5:30 and 6:00, just having a little more time to enjoy yourself, get some more pleasure out of life. So I hope you really enjoy these videos and get a lot of out of them and hopefully pick up some good habits. I can be found online at my website at, and happy mixing.