Whiskey Guide – How to Pair Whiskey with Food

Pairing food and whisky is about finding complementary flavors o-, or contrasting flavors depending on how you want to go. Here we have some pork chiquitos, which are chili and coco-rubbed roast pork, smoked cheddar and a cilantro jalapeno sauce over the top. Something like that, it’s going to be like fatty, round and a little spicy. I’m going to go with a nice scotch and soda. We’ll take a malt, blended malt scotch, soda water. Just pair them up really nicely and evenly… About 2 ounces of your blended scotch…

You can use a jigger and look professional and then top it off with soda and give it a quick stir. Make sure it comes together nicely… Generally, the whisky, compared to the lemon, lemon is nice and soft. You can even get a little, quick squeeze of the juice if you want. The acidity will cut the fattiness off the pork very nicely. Just to be a little fancier, we have a filet mignon sandwich which has got smoked blue cheese and whisky-caramelized onions done to a beautiful medi rare. We’re going to pick something a little more elegant, in this case, a burger old fashioned.

So we got whisky in the onions, got whisky in your drink. Pull it out. You get the nice creamy richness of the food with the long slow finish of an old fashioned… That’s really good… . Personally I like beef jerky, the every-man food. You want something sharp and neat. Jerky is a quick food, you want a quick drink to go with that. I’m going to do some rye whisky. Pair them off… See all this nice, light, crbly jerky, . Because it’s dehydrated with grains of paradise, uh, a nice saison beer, coriander and black pepper. So you are going to want something that’s spicy, something that’s quick. Rye whisky neat, perfect.

Ah, yeah, that’s good. So when you are pairing whisky with your food you want to think combining and contrasting flavors. And also the way you are taking it. A nice pretty sandwich, big cocktail. Something light, fried and crisp. Cold drink. Soda water. Light, refreshing beef jerky. Snack on the go. Straight booze. And that’s the way to prepare whisky with food.