How to Play Flip Cup Survivor


This guys is Flip Cup Survivor. Same as Flip Cup, except one team eliminates their weakest link every round. The game goes down where the first two people go, “Boat races, boat races, let’s drink a cup, boat races, boat races, let’s get f***ed up.” Boom. And it goes all the way down the line.

No eyes. It goes all the way down the line, and whatever team loses, eliminates. They vote and eliminate their weakest link, which probably would be me, judging by that. They are going to eliminate their weakest link. But, their weakest link’s cup stays so four players are now drinking five cups. So one of your players is going to drink two of the cups. Boom, boom, boom, boom, all the way down. This player drinks, flips, drinks, flips. And they have to do both the cups. They don’t have to do them at the same time, they just have to do what I just did. Drink, flip, drink, flip. You’re dealing with getting a little bit more inebriated more quickly. And just a note, in regular Flip Cup if you had one less player, if you had an odd number of players, five versus six, the team with less players, one person would have to go twice. Just to clear that up. So yeah, that happens, this game keeps going just like that. Team that loses eliminates their weakest link until you only have one player left on one of the teams. Maybe both of the teams, it just depends on how people are eliminated. So if you’re starting six on six, one team could potentially be losing six to one at the end of the game. There could be one player left on this team, six players left on that team, if you’ve lost the last five rounds. And then at that point it would be those six players going, and this one player, the last player left, drinks all the cups and flips them. So that’s the game of Survivor Flip Cup. It’s pretty intense, it’s pretty awesome, a lot of fun.