How to Plays Quarters Variations


What’s up guys? So here are some variations on the game of quarters, the drinking game.

If you hit the rim, if you hit the rim, if you hit the rim, oh lord. If you hit the rim, you get to go again, free chance. That’s one variation. I don’t generally play that, but if you want to play that make it a little easier, you can do that. So if you hit the rim. That’s not the rim, but if you hit the actual rim of the glass you get another chance.

Also, if you miss, and you want to try to get a chance, which is a free shot, we’ll give it to you. But if you then miss that, you have to drink a whole beer. But if you make that, gameplay continues as normal. So you would get another chance and then get to give a drink. So there’s just a little bit more on the line because if normally if you have to drink you’re just drinking a nice swig of your beer, but in this case if you want to take the risk, it’s sort of like a double or nothing. If you take the risk and you miss it, you drink a whole beer, nonstop. Nonstop. None of this stop half way, take a breath, no. Chug the beer.

Another game variation is to fill this glass up for each shot, and if you make the shot, you give the beer to someone and they have to drink it without swallowing the quarter. It gets a lot more fun if people are adding different types of beer. That’s when it gets kind of wild and crazy.