Power Hour Strategy & Variations


Power Hour Game Variations. So there are a few things you can do with Power Hour. One of the crazy ones is that every ten minutes you fill up your shot glass with something other than beer, namely Jameson or some sort of whiskey, or if you can’t handle the dark stuff go vodka or, you know, tequila. Now, that is only for the very strong-willed and strong-hearted. Okay? So be careful with that. I would say you could do ten minutes, you could do 20 minutes, or you could do, yeah, 20 minutes might be more acceptable because you’re only taking like three shots then. It’s just a recommendation for Power Hour. I would use light beer because dark beer would be very filling to take shots and shots and shot of. You can drink dark beer. I love dark beer, but drinking it very fast is not always the best idea.

So the variations of Power Hour that revolve around television or film, there are many. Basically you could take any television show or film that you enjoy and turn it into a Power Hour game. You just have to find something that happens over and over in it, or find something, you know, cheeky or cool or some pattern that you can follow in it. Family Guy, every time they have a flashback. Reservoir Dogs, every time they say f***. Withnail and I is an epic, insane game, Withnail and I the film is a crazy, insane game. You drink every type of alcoholic beverage that they drink in that movie. Now, I don’t recommend this to even Mel Gibson himself in Braveheart. This is an insane game. It would involve an entire bar of liquor and mixers and probably cause you to not feel well. But it’s fun! So, yeah, or Leaving Las Vegas, drink every time Nicholas Cage drinks, which is every five seconds. Yeah. Harry Potter.

You can do this game with any television show, any film. Some are more well-known than others. Some are easier to do than others. I’m assuming there’s a way to do Wizard of Oz. I haven’t done it myself, but I think everything works with Wizard of Oz. Yeah. Those are game variations of Power Hour. Enjoy.