Quarters Techniques


What’s going on guys? These are some techniques for Quarters, the drinking game.

I recommend the good old index thumb quarter throw down. That’s my favorite technique. You literally hold it lightly between your two fingers. I generally do face towards the camera and drop it straight. You want to drop it flat, because if you do any sort of angling it’s going to go the wrong way. If you do it back towards your self. If you drop it flat and kind of throw it down at the table towards the cup, it’s going to have the best angle towards the glass. See how that’s, I mean it’s not going in but it’s coming very close. Alright, so you want to just drop it straight down flat towards the cup. I can’t, I can’t.

Alright, so folks I’m going to come clean. I’ve always hated this game. You guys might love it.

So another technique is holding it between these two fingers like you’re dealing cards. Alright? And you’re still going to angle it towards the cup, you’re going to kind of come this way instead of straight at it cause it’s hard to angle your wrist that way. And you’re going to throw it down at it. Sometimes you get a little bit more height, as you’re seeing from mine, they’re going to jump over the cup sometimes just because you’re kind of tossing it at it a little bit more.

But it works, different techniques work for different people. This is probably my favorite technique, the throwing it straight it down.

But yeah try your own ways. Yeah, that’s quarters.