Shit Bar Staff Have To Put Up With

Being a bartender is a thankless task. Here are just some of the things that bar staff have to put up with on a nightly basis. Feel their pain, and remember, an occasional tip wouldn’t go astray!


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Sophie Dobson
Paul Dodd
Iseult Casey
Joe McGucken
Kyle Stokes
Noel Aungier
Helena Clarke

DOP – Stewart Lambert
Editor – Orla McNelis
Director – Dave Coffey

With thanks to Flannery’s, Dublin 2


Eclectic Prawn – Dumbo Gets Mad
Terra – Julian Lynch
Blown Out – Broke For Free
Plumy Tale – Dumbo Gets Mad
Mr Bleach – Jahzzar
Define a Transparent Dream – The Olivia Tremor Control
Superpalm – Flamingo
Calm the Fuck Down – Broke For Free
Slave – Jahzzar

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