Shit Married Chicks Say… to Single Girls *Bleep*

Well looks like 2012 is starting out to be the year of talking sh*t… (one of my FAVOURITE things to do) thought I’d throw in my hat & share some of the sh*t I’ve heard over the years as a HAPPILY single chick, by choice! Screw it, I’m down for a sh*t kick & besides I needed a plug for my new About Me page ( Thanks Kyle & Graydon for your brilliant Sh*t Girls Say meme, well hell thanks to Sh*t My Dad Says for this also. Hope you enjoy, we had a blast making it & it’s all tongue in cheek!

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Music by the incomparable: Ken Christianson, song titled “No, No Body”

Written, Created & Co-Edited by: Manouschka Guerrier
Directed by: Nicole Billingsley
Shot, Cut, Produced, Edited by: Michael Kallio
Music by: Ken Christianson

Special Thanks to:
Natalie Bartley, Nicole Billingsley, Angela Canalese, Rebecca Chang, Aly Cleary, Nava Cooper, Christa Hamilton, Beth Hurrle, Donna Hurrle, Alicia Imbergamo, Jessica Kallio, Edrickcan Loox, Jeff Loox, Jenina Peraza, James Robinson, Marlu Soria, Sharee TheEngineer, LaKeisha Tomlinson & Diana Zollicoffer

Inspired by:

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