Transcription || Prince – “Prince: The Art of Musicology”, acoustic set [guitar]

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This is a transcription of the entire acoustic set of that YouTube-viral Webster Hall show from 2004. The concert footage was edited into the TV special, “Prince: The Art of Musicology”, promoting the Musicology tour, and was shown on MTV and VH1 during 2004.

PERFORMANCE: “Prince: The Art of Musicology”, acoustic set (2004)
ARTIST: Prince
– “Cream” (Prince & The New Power Generation)
– “I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man” (Prince)
– “Sweet Thing” (Chaka Kahn & Tony Maiden)
– “Proud Mary” (John Fogerty)
– Funk improvisation
– “Sometimes It Snows in April” (Prince + Wendy & Lisa)

CORRECTION: The lyric at 3:21 should have read, “She couldn’t stop crying, ’cause she knew he was gone to stay”, in order to capture the double meaning of “he was gone” and “he was going to stay”.