Whiskey Guide – Whiskey in Popular Culture

Whiskey in popular culture is one of those things that everybody thinks of. You got your old wild, wild west. The X’s is how good it is, absolutely. You got cowboys slugging shots. You have the classic scotch connoisseur taking a glass.

You know, it’s funny. Because a really old, well aged scotch does actually take water really well. But, you know, dilute mineral water by the drops. The epitome of connoisseurship and class. Whiskey really runs the gambit.

But when we talk about whiskey in popular culture these days, you can’t get away from saying the words Men and/or Angry. Mad Man has changed the way a lot of people drink their whiskey. All of a sudden you’re making Old Fashioned. You’re making Manhattans. People are starting to drink something a little more, you know, flavorful. frankly. And I love to see that. It’s a beautiful thing.

So a lot of people are going to make Old Fashioneds. It’s a very simple spirit to make. You can use a jigger. You want two ounces of your spirit, sugar, bitters, water to dilute. Straight forward.

Two ounces of spirit. Two dashes of bitters. You can use Angostura. It’s the classic. Easy to come by. But your Old Fashioned can be as simple or as complex as you want. You can use rum for your base. You can use whiskey. You can use anything you like.

Stir. Always, always stir. Shaking your drink is for citrus and girls on the beach. You want a nice smooth, elegant, well blended cocktail. And for that, stirring with a spoon in a mixing glass is everything.

You’ll watch as the lines begin to rise. They’re getting better and better. Softer and softer. Add a few rocks. Strain it off the glass. Cut a nice, healthy orange twist. Squeeze it over the top and drink like Draper.

Whiskey and popular culture. Everything from the cowboys to your ad boys, to white lighting. Hillbillies and bootlegging. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s part of the rich American tapestry.

That’s a run down of whiskey in popular culture.